Our story began the first time our head merchant, Audrey, visited her Aunt Helen in New York City as a young girl. She found herself enthralled by the energy and beauty of the bustling fashion hub. The colorful rolling racks of samples in the fashion district and the perfectly styled outfits of women on Madison Ave were magical. She committed it all to memory. Nothing like this existed back home.

Years later, Audrey set out to share this experience with her community. She knew that women would share in her excitement if only incredible fashion were accessible. With confident determination, she sourced quality apparel at affordable prices and opened her very first pop-up shop. Her instincts were right, and the pop-up shop was a success.

Audrey dedicated herself to bringing her brand to anywhere her customers were. From trade-shows and building lobbies to festivals and fairs. Eventually, the pop-up shops became an online collection, and was born.


Today, we remain driven to share accessible fashion with the world. We know that style isn’t about fancy or expensive clothes. It’s about confidence. Something magical happens when you feel good in your own skin, and it shows. We believe that everyone deserves that feeling.

Furthermore, we believe that women deserve real value in their clothing. Beautiful garments should also be affordable and functional. Each piece in our collection is, long-lasting, versatile, and fairly priced.  We appreciate that style is unique and believe women should be free to express themselves through their wardrobe. Our mission is to provide products that inspire confidence and showcase individual style.



Since our early days as a pop-up shop, serving customers has been our highest priority. Each event was an opportunity to connect with women and listen to what they wanted. Audrey made her buying decisions based on customer's feedback and needs. Her commitment to these women didn't just grow her business. It created lifelong friendships. We continue this tradition of dedicated service and genuine relationships today.

Our customers drive our decisions. We listen intently to their opinion and work hard to action their feedback. Each piece in our collection is selected with our customers in mind. Our business has grown and changed since the first pop-up shop. What remains constant is our incredible connection with the women we serve.


Our commitment to our customers starts with our product. We scour the market for the best in affordable, high-quality apparel and accessories. Our customer's tastes and our mission to provide accessible fashion drive every product decision. Everything in our collection must meet our high standards of wearability, functionality, and value.

Our products provide women with confidence and effortless style for every occasion. We stay in-tune with the latest trends to give our customers new and exciting ways to express their style. We also understand the need for comfort and versatility. The resulting collection is an ideal mix between fashion staples and must-have pieces.